Translator’s Nightmare or How I Was Saved by ‘Dropbox’

They always say: “backup your work”. We all know that, and most of the time we even do that. However, Murphy’s Law influences translators as well: our work disappears for good as a victim of mistakenly deleted files, or gets lost in the ocean of unsaved versions of documents we work on, WHEN WE LEAST EXPECT IT!

Today I had a deadline for 3 legal documents I’d been working on for a couple of days and nights. The documents were ready and I was proofreading them, when suddenly I discovered that in one of them the translated version of the text had disappeared completely. I usually find the previous versions using File – Manage Versions – Recover Unsaved Documents in Microsoft Word, but guess what: Word had saved only one version, which was useless as it didn’t contain the changes I needed.

I was lucky to remember that on Dropbox website (in my virtual folder) there is an option called “show deleted files”. I decided to try it. So this is how it works: once you click on the bin icon, Dropbox shows you all the files that were deleted and if you open one of those files, it gives you a list of all the existing versions of this file since the moment it was created. Date and time is specified. I found the version I needed and restored it to the computer. Imagine the relief!

This is not a promotional post, but I must say that I now consider myself an official fan of Dropbox.

If you are interested you can download Dropbox here:

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